About Us

Our Vision

To be the voice, heart, hands, and feet of Jesus. To recognize and meet the needs of our church family. Recognize opportunities to reach out to the community. To treat everyone as brothers and sisters in Christ.

Our History

Our church’s roots began in 1952 with a small Seventh-Day Adventist company in Indio. In 1995, this church relocated to PalmDesert. While the church building was under construction, the church congregation met in trailers and modules. The church building was completed in 1998. After some time, the realization was made, that more space was needed to properly house both the Sabbath School classrooms, and the growing Desert Adventist Academy. An additional expansion project was undertaken and completed by 2010, bring our total square footage to 103,700 sq ft. Pastor Greg Clark began leading our church in 2010 and led our church for 9 years. He passed suddenly and unexpectedly on Sept 22, 2019. A search for a pastor was initiated but was put on pause due to the COVID pandemic. Our Associate Pastor, Paul Savino, was placed as our Senior/Sole Pastor. After his retirement our church has been under the leadership of a couple interim pastors and on May 7, 2022 after a thorough. and prayerful search, at the invitation of our Church Board pastor Cristian Iordan started his ministry as our new Senior/Sole Pastor.

The Palm Desert Oasis SDA church has a membership of about 400. We are a unique church in that our attendance fluctuates greatly from season to season. We have a large snowbird population that attends during the cooler months. During the summer, our attendance is lower as many families are traveling during the summer break. During the winter months we get people attending from across the USA and Canada.

We are a part of a large ministerial family. Click the link below so you can discover more about our conference, our Union, and the Division to get more great resources.