The food ministry of the Palm Desert Oasis Seventh-day Adventist church was started in 2008 to help people in our community during the Great Recession. It has continued without interruption since then to hand out boxes of food every Saturday morning from 7:30 am– 8:30am. Partnering with the F.I.N.D. Bank has allowed our ministry to distribute food to those in need and participate in the summer children feeding program where thousands of families have been blessed.

The ministry is going strong till today by God’s grace and the dedication of its numerous faithful volunteers. The food ministry also branched out a number of years ago in starting a Spanish Bible study for those coming to pick up food. While they study, food is set aside so they don’t miss out on the physical food while being fed spiritually. We pray for each person that comes to our doors will see that Jesus loves them and wants to have a relationship with them. We believe in following Christ’s method alone which leads to true success.

Being the Hands and Feet of Jesus is a start but we want to plant seeds of kindness in the heart of the community.

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